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The Perfect Fit


AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Size Guide

Step 1 Underband Measurement

In inches, measure directly under the bust, ensuring the tape measure is level all the way around. Hold firmly and take note of your measurement.

Step 2 Cup Measurement

In inches, measure around the fullest part of the bust, ensuring the tape measure is level all the way around. Take note of your measurement.

Step 3 Conversion Chart

Using your measurement, refer to our chart below to confirm:

Step 1
Step 2  Cup Measurement
26.5"-28.5" 32A32B32C32D32DD32E32FF32G       
28.5"-30.5"   34A34B34C34D34DD34E34FF34G     
30.5"-32.5"      36A36B36C36D36DD36E36FF36G  
32.5"-34.5"       38A38B38C38D38DD38E38FF38G 



Step 2
Step 1  Underband Measurement
33" 30C32B   
36" 30E32DD34C  
37" 30FF32E34D36A 
38" 30G32FF34DD36B38A
39"  32G34E36C38B
40"  34FF36D38C
41"   34G36DD38D
42"    36E38DD
43"    36FF38E
45"    36G38FF
46"     38G


The Perfect Fit Checklist


For a perfect fit, a new band should be on the loosest hook and feel firm but comfortable.

Band Feels Loose

Band Feels Loose

Underband riding up at the back

suggests size is too big. Try

going down a back size.

The Golden Zone

The Golden Zone

Flat from front to back.

The correct back size should sit

flat against your rib cage.

The Band Feels Tight

Band Feels Tight

Underband feels restrictive or

digs in at the sides. Try going

up a back size


For a perfect fit, breasts should fit comfortably within the wires.

Wires Digging In

Wires Digging In

Wires digging in suggests size

is too small. Try going up a

cup size.

Wires Digging In

The Golden Zone

Encasing the cups, your

breasts should fit comfortably

within the wires.

Wires Stand Away From Body

Wires Stand Away From Body

Wires sitting away from your

body suggest size is too big.

Try going down a cup size.


For a perfect fit, your breasts should be fully contained within the cup, with the wiring flat against your body.

Breasts Spill Out Of Cup

Breasts Spill Out Of Cup

Breasts bulging out of cup

suggests cup size is too small,

try going up a cup size.

Cup Golden Zone

The Golden Zone

Clean line from breast to cup.

Your breast should fit comfortably

within the cups. 

Feels Loose and Gapes

Feels Loose and Gapes

Cups gaping away from body

suggests cup size is too big,

try going down a cup size.


Straps are at their perfect length when the bust feels supported in its natural position - 

usually halfway between the shoulder and the neck.

Straps Dig In

Straps Dig In

Straps digging in, try adjusting

straps to be looser or go down

a back size.

Straps Golden Zone

The Golden Zone

Sitting comfortably, your straps

should sit vertically straight and


Straps Slide Off

Straps Slide Off Shoulders

Straps falling off shoulders, try

adjusting straps to be tighter or try a

narrower plunge style.

The Perfect Pair

Size matters! Look and feel your best in every outfit with the perfect pair, using our sizing chart.

Ultimo size guide in cm

Single Size81012141618
Low Hip90cm95cm100cm105cm110cm115cm


Ultimo size guide in inches

Single Size81012141618
Low Hip35.4"37.4"39.4"41.3"43.3"45.3"

Perfect Pair



Our low back bodies are “full body” products, therefore your dress size and bra size should both be taken into account when fitting this product.

When fitting the body, adjust the multiway straps to suit the garment the body is being worn under. Step in and gather the garment as you would with a pair of tights, work your way up from the bottom and pull up. Adjust straps and poppers to fit comfortably. Lift and adjust breasts as you would when fitting a bra.


Skirt SizeBras Size - A Cup
1032A 32B32C 32D 
12-34A 34B34C 
14 --36A 36B 
16 - - -
Skirt SizeBras Size - B Cup
1032B 32C 32D 32DD 
1234A 34B 34C 34D 
14 -36A 36B 36C 
16 - - -38B 
Skirt SizeBras Size - C Cup
1032C 32D32DD 32E 
1234B34C 34D34DD 
1436A36B36C 36D 
16 - - 38B38C
Skirt SizeBras Size - D Cup
1032D 32DD 32E 32F 
1234C 34D 34DD 34E
14 36A36C 36D 36DD 
16 - 38B 38C38D 
Skirt SizeBras Size - DD Cup
1032DD 32E32F 32FF 
1234D34DD 34E34F 
1436C36D36DD 36E 
16 38B38C38D38DD
Skirt SizeBras Size - E Cup
1032E 32F 32FF 32G 
1234DD 34E 34F 34FF
14 36D36DD 36F 36F 
16 38C 38D 38DD38E 
Skirt SizeBras Size - F Cup
1032F 32FF32G 
1234E34F 34FF34G 
14 36DD36E36F 36FF 
16 38D38DD38E38F
Skirt SizeBras Size - FF Cup
1032FF 32G --
1234F 34FF 34G -
14 36E36F 36FF 36G 
16 38DD 38E 38F38FF 
Skirt SizeBras Size - G Cup
1032G -
1234FF34G --
14 36F36FF36G 
16 38E38F38FF38G