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As an expert in the field of body confidence, Dr Linda is all too familiar with the devastating impact that low self-esteem can have. 

We've been working with Dr Linda to understand the complex issue of body confidence and craft our Best Shape campaign which was born as a result of our desire to help women find lingerie that fits, flatters, fills them with confidence and makes them feel fabulous, inside and out.


About Dr Linda:

Dr Linda Papadopoulos is one the most well-known and respected Psychologists working in the UK today and her work has informed government policy. She was included in the Top 20 therapists in London by the Evening Standard newspaper and was awarded the Madame Figaro Women of the Year Award in 2008 in the field of academia.


Dr Linda is a Chartered Counselling and Health Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the BPS. She has worked in various treatment settings both privately, with her own practice and in the National Health Service. During her considerable years as a Chartered Psychologist, she has gained extensive experience in the counselling of individuals, couples and families and also specialises in behavioural psychology, with a specialist interest in body image and Psychodermatology.


Dr Linda has a prolific academic publication record and has published widely in peer reviewed academic journals. Her latest book, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, offers valuable insight and advice on living through your 20s on your own terms. Dr Linda was also a contributing editor at Cosmopolitan magazine where she is a resident psychologist with a very popular monthly column for over a decade.


As a regular commentator on psychological issues in broadcast, radio and print media across the UK and US, Dr Linda was part of the original Channel 4 team on the reality TV phenomenon Big Brother and went on to host the Channel 5 shows Doctor Doctor and Double Cross. Linda has fronted factual segments on This Morning, BBC’s The One Show and has also presented programmes and provided professional psychological commentary for numerous American and International television and radio networks including CNN, CBS, Discovery, CNBC, BBC International, VH1 and MTV to name a few.


The third series of Dr Linda’s My Naked Secret aired on TLC in 2014. The series tells the personal stories of people who are hiding physical abnormalities underneath their clothes and make-up. Dr Linda is a well-recognised face onscreen as provides onscreen analysis for the show Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… for Reelz channel and Channel 4’s Real, Fake or Unknown?. Dr Linda has appeared on Celebrity Eggheads and is a regular guest on Sky News, BBC and various news channels.


Dr Linda appeared as the resident psychologist on The Alan Titchmarsh Show for ITV, examining the differences between the male and female minds.